Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Cook Report No. 2 – Military Aircraft Display Symposium in England - the centre of the Warbird World

MAA CAA GAPAN BADA Air Display Pilots and Airshow Symposium
25th-26th February 2014
Defence Industry Establishment Shrivenham

In previous years the Military Aircraft Association (MAA) which looks after Military aircraft in airshows,  Civil Aviation Authority (CAA),  Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators (GAPAN) and the British Air Display Association (BADA) have all held separate events.  This year for the first time their events were all held together in a three day period at the Defence Industry Establishment Shrivenham

On Tuesday 25th February the MAA and part of the CAA event was held.  
As always the networking and catching up with lots of airshow colleagues; pilots, aircrew and airshow organizers was first class.  275 delegates were in attendance.

A summary of a number of the sessions held such as “Working up your display” and “I learned about display flying from that” has been sent in to Vintage Wings to share lessons and best practice from around the air display world.

Howard Cook

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Cook Report – The Honourable Company of Air Pilots


The former Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators (GAPAN) has unveiled a new name, reflecting the Royal Charter which has recently been bestowed upon it by Her Majesty the Queen.  GAPAN, the leading independent organisation promoting the highest levels of safety, training and best practices for pilots around the world will in future be known as ‘The Honourable Company of Air Pilots’.  The Charter was presented by HRH the Duke of Edinburgh at the Royal Charter Banquet held at the Guildhall on 19th February.
The ‘Honourable Company’ status is a rare distinction, which is in the gift of the monarch and has only previously been granted to three companies;“The Honourable Company of Master Mariners”, “The Honourable Artillery Company” (in 1656) and “The Honourable East India Company” (now defunct).
The company is based in London, but with an internationally-based membership including members in Canada.   Through its charitable activities, education and training, technical committees, aircrew selection, scholarships and sponsorships, advice and recognition of the achievements of fellow aviators worldwide, the Honourable Company keeps itself at the forefront of the aviation world.

Howard Cook, 
Over There

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hawk One “Wings of Gold” Website revamp

Wings of Gold
Hawk One Website Upgrade

For the coming Hawk One flying season, The Wings of Gold Tour, Peter Handley has revamped and stylized a new Hawk one website. Check it our now at .

 The Cook Report–Affordable Safety

On Thursday 6th February the HISTORIC AIRCRAFT STAKEHOLDERS CONFERENCE was held at the Imperial War Museum Duxford. 
“A new way forward for Annex II aircraft”. 

Since February 2013 there has been a review of the General Aviation sector as a result of the British Governments “Red Tape Challenge” and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) recognise the urgent need for change.

The conference was called by the Historic Aircraft Association (HAA) to ensure that owners of Annex II aircraft such as warbirds and historics that are operated on a Permit to Fly, have an input into new proposals for the administration of such types under the CAA as regulator.  As with all government departments the CAA has to cut their costs and reduce the size of the organisation.   On the positive front the CAA has created a new General Aviation unit which will be in place by April 2014.

The HAA has proposed to the CAA GA Unit that the HAA would form a Self-Administrative body to undertake delegation of responsibility for the industry.  The intention at present is that this would be on similar lines as the Warbirds Australia system.   In Australia the Warbirds Association re-wrote the regulations in 2009 for historic aircraft operations and maintenance of historic aircraft and these were adopted by the Australian Civil Aviation Authority (CASA)

The purpose of the Conference is that the historic aircraft industry needs revision of rules and regulations to achieve affordable safety which put simply would see safety regulations which are based on commercial air transport replaced by more appropriate regulations for historic aircraft. 

All of the major operators were represented including the Fighter Collection, Historic Aircraft Collection,  Air Leasing, Hangar 11 Collection, Kennet Aviation and many others.   The Light Aircraft Association were also represented and the British Microlight Aircraft Association are also in discussion with the CAA.

Presentations included updates by the CAA on the way ahead, updates on airworthiness policy, and a look at the Australian Warbirds self administration system.  Also of particular interest was a session about the use and approval of modern materials in the restoration and rebuild of Historic Aircraft.

The final session looked at “Adventure Aviation” or “Flying with history”.  This is regarding the carrying of passengers in flights aboard historic, heritage, vintage types and warbirds.  At present such paid flights are not permitted in the UK in Permit to Fly aircraft.

Following the conference the HAA will make further recommendations to the CAA based on the drive towards a self administration system that more readily suits the operation of historic aircraft.

Howard Cook

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Calling All Volunteers!

Good morning, Vintage Wingers!

With our annual Wings Over Gatineau-Ottawa air show rapidly approaching, we are still looking for volunteers for the weekend of September 14-15. We are looking for volunteers for ticket sales, the Gear-Up store tent, and Crowd Safety. If you are interested in joining any one of these teams, follow this link, or call us at 819-669-9603. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A new addition to Vintage Wings' model collection

This past week, Vintage Wings of Canada received a RC Lysander model, built and donated by Idris Lewis. Come take a look next time you're in the hangar!

The Westland Lysander's mini-me

Even Captain Trevor is keen to check out his new ride!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Remembering Lieutenant Robert Hampton Gray

On this day 68 years ago, August 9, 1945, Lieutenant Robert Hampton Gray of the Royal Canadian Navy flew a Corsair off the HMS Formidable and attacked a Japanese destroyer. He was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross, an honour which no other Canadian has been awarded since. 

If you would like to read more about the history behind Hampton Gray, follow this link: